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Flash Builder 4.7 and m2e

The latest version of m2e that works with Flash Builder 4.7 is available at this update site:

Flash Builder 4.7 is based on Eclipse Indigo and, while m2e no longer officially supports Indigo, the m2e team has created an additional update site to resolve some install issues and make 1.4 work. (ref)

To upgrade:

  • Add the above update site in Install New Software.
  • Select both m2e - Maven Integration for Eclipse AND m2e - slf4j over logback logging (Optional). Flash Builder 4.7 comes with an older version of the optional logging feature and the only way to upgrade m2e is to also upgrade that.
  • Click Next and Finish

Debugging Unit Tests without Flash Builder Premium

If you have a Flash Builder Standard license, chances are good that you’re lamenting the lack of FlexUnit support. You can run your tests from the command line but then you lose debugging and an integrated results display. You could add a second Application to your project to embed a test runner but due to an annoying bug in Flash Builder, this application file needs to be in your main source folder or else it can’t be added as a run configuration. I set out to find a new solution with the following in mind:

  • I want all test-related code to stay in the test sources folder. (src/test/flex since I’m using Maven)
  • I want a visual test runner to display which tests/failed passed, give timing information, stack traces, etc.
  • The tests must work as-is when committed and run through flexmojos on a CI machine (e.g. Jenkins)
  • Debugging support through Flash Builder must be available when running the tests locally.

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